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As several of you noted, Postalicious stopped working with the recent update. The new Postalicious 2.0rc6 which now works with delicious 2.0. That’s the good news. The bad news is that, unlike with the old, to get tags to work you need install the custom rss.php file. To read more about the custom rss.php file please read the corresponding section in the Postalicious page or readme file. IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading Postalicious please make sure you also install the rss.php file or that you manually disable tags in the Postalicious options page. Otherwise some weird stuff may happen. Also note that the first couple of updates after you install this new version may not work perfectly but there should be no further problems after that. Finally, Postalicious is the result of many hours of hard work, if you enjoy using it, please consider donating. You can do so though PayPal by following the links at the right side of this page or at the bottom of the Postalicious page. You can download (and hopefully donate) Postalicious here.

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  1. Thanks for your quick update! It’s nice to have my favourite plug-in working again.

    However, Postalicious doesn’t seem to be able to find articles that were posted, (but not detected) before I installed rss.php Is there a work-around for this?

  2. Unfortunately no. At least not an easy one. You may be able to modify certain values in the WordPress database to fix this, but it’s not very straightforward, and doing it is probably not worth the effort. It’s way easier (and faster) to just set Postalicious to publish drafts for a while and manually edit out the repeated bookmarks until Postalicious catches up with the new bookmarks.

  3. Thank you for the update!

    I like to have a daily post created at a specific time each day and I’m wondering if in the Post Title fields, there is some way to have the Post Title include the date the post is created, as opposed to the date relating to the bookmarks (%datestart% or %dateend%)? I tried using just %date%, but my posts come out titled “Daily Links for %date%”.

    Thanks for the help!

  4. Kevin,
    Currently that’s not possible with Postalicious. That should be quite easy to implement though so I’ll try to do it next time I get some free time.

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  7. Hi Pablo – LOVE the plugin. I am starting to use it for my Google Reader shared items. I’m using WP 2.6.

    i notice with Google reader items, %description% is actually the body of the item – the whole thing. Any chance you could give us a macro for the note section instead, so that I can also post my own pithy little intro to my shared items? That’s one area that the daily blog post is nice (though it’s currently broken for me…)

  8. Pat,
    Unfortunately no. Postalicious uses de Google Reader RSS feed to fetch the bookmarks, but the notes are not included in the RSS feed so it’s not possible to fetch them.

  9. Hi! Great plugin! 😀

    I would know why I do not see the tags I assigned to every links: I see only the link’s title and its description.

  10. Aldo,
    You should make sure that the tag options are enabled, that the link template contains the tag keyword and that the tag template is set up properly.

  11. Sorry to bug you here. I’m running postalicious on a self-hosted WP install and am having trouble with punctuation marks, in particular ” and ‘ which I sue quite a lot in my descriptions on delicious. Any tips? They are rendering as #039; for ‘ and quot; for “

  12. Sorry for the late reply Neil, but I’ve been quite busy.
    I’m honestly not sure what the cause of that might be. I have tried to solve all the issues with special characters in the past, but unfortunately they keep coming back. A few things that might help me determine the possible cause for this problem are telling me your PHP version, and the other plugins you have installed on your WP. Feel free to send me an email using the “Contact me” page linked at the bottom if you don’t want to post that information here.

  13. Postalicious is already compatible with WordPress 2.7..mostly. The rss.php file bundled with Postalicious should not be installed with WordPress 2.7 though. If anyone is interested in the updated rss.php file, feel free to send me and email (through the Contact Me page below) and I’ll send you the updated rss.php file. The reason I haven’t released a new version of Postalicious with the new rss.php file is because I’ll be updating Postalicious soon to get rid of the rss.php file altogether, and most users do need to install the rss.php file anyway.

  14. Hi neop –

    I’m not sure if this is an isolated occurrence, as it may be an issue with another plugin. I’m running WP2.7, attempting to bring in the shared items for google reader, and I come across the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function neop_pstlcs_arrelm() in /home/…/blog/wp-content/plugins/postalicious/wp-postalicious.php on line 845

    The plugin does work for delicious however. Thanks for the great plugin!

  15. Hi Simran,
    That should have been fixed around the 2.5rc3, so updating Postalicious to the newest version should fix the problem.

  16. Hi Pablo – I appreciate the quick response.

    I’ve just updated to your final release version 2.5 and the problem still appears. As well, I went through disabling all the other plugins to make sure there wasn’t a conflict.

    Like I said earlier, It may just be appearing for me, but if you would like any more details on the error, I am happy to provide if they help you diagnose the problem.

  17. Hi Simran,
    Sorry about that, I uploaded the wrong file with 2.5. It’s fixed now, just re-download Postalicious and it should work.

  18. Can you demostrate what this plugin does. Sorry for being done but i dont get it yet?

    Will it create a page or blog page of a bookmarks list of all the people i subscribe to in google reader with separate titles down the list of each separate blog i’m subscribed to for instance.

    Like say 50-100-200 link long??

  19. Hi Jaffasoft,
    Not quite. With Google Reader there are several feeds you might use along with Postalicious, the most common option being the starred items feed. In this case, Postalicious will get all the stared items in your Google Reader and post them in one or several blog posts depending on which settings you specify. Hope this clears things up.

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  22. I have been using Postalicious and loving it, but I can’t get the scheduling to work. I want to post one post per week with all my new bookmarks from Google Reader.

    I was using Postalicious 2.7 and I set the time between posts to a minimum of 168 hours and the minimum bookmarks to posts to 10 but Postalicious would just publish whenever I reached 10 bookmarks. I tried changing the minimum bookmarks to 1 but then Postalicious would schedule the post to be published two months in the future and not publish every 7 days. I tried changing the number of hours between posts but this did not change when Postalicious scheduled the post.

    Then I tried downgrading to Postalicious 2.6 and setting it to publish at most once every 7 days. Postalicious still schedules the post 2 months in the future and doesn’t publish every 7 days.

    I have installed the SimplePie core plugin and I’m using WordPress version 2.8.4. Can I downgrade to a version of wordpress/postalicious that will work? Help!

    The functionality this plugin provides is awesome. Thank you so much.

  23. Hi Justin,
    The problem is probably that the setting for the last post date in Postalicious seems to be two months in the future for some reason. I suggest deleting all of the Postalicous settings from the wp_options table in your WordPress database. The Postalicious settings are the ones where option_name starts with “nd_”. If you need help doing this, send me an email and I’ll guide you through it.

  24. Thanks, Neop. It’s weird, I tried this (deleting the settings from the database) with the 2.7 plugin and it didn’t work, it posted when I got to 10 shared items. So then I tried it with the 2.6 plugin. It posted when I got to 10 items once, but then after that it started working. I don’t know if I went back to 2.7 if the same thing would happen (it would start working after post #1), but I’m not gonna risk it. Thanks for your help!

  25. Hi
    I’m testing your plug-in and find it very well made and handy.
    I’m using it with delicious without any problem.
    As I use delicious for bookmarks and Google reader for news
    I was wondering i it is possible to use postalicious for delicious and Google reader at the same time ?

    Keep the good work

    Best Regards.

  26. Hi!
    I was happy to find your plugin and have been testing it for 2 days. But id doesn’t do anything right! It doesn’t use my excerpt, my titles, my specified tags, my date format nor my choice of “always publish as draft”.

    I just re-installed again but I guess that won’t help. Version 2.8.2 on WordPress 3.0

  27. Hi Therese,
    Unfortunately Postalicious has not been tested with WordPress 3.0 yet. I’ll get to it as soon as I have some time.

  28. Hi Magnus,

    The rss.php file has been deprecated, it is no longer needed. What problem are you having with WordPress 3.1?

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