Postalicious 2.0

It’s been a really long time since my last update and I’m not even going to try to justify myself this time. I’ve been busy mostly with school, but ever since my winter break started I’ve been working on Postalicious. And I’m proud to say that today I finally released Postalicious 2.0rc1. The “release candidate 1” part is just because even though I did a lot of beta testing, there’s bound to be some minor bugs around which still need fixing and I don’t want to end up with lots of new versions just to fix a few bugs. It’s a major update to Postalicious and it’s a much better plugin now. It’s a lot more flexible now and even more customizable than before. For more information about Postalicious 2.0, head over to its own post here. If you find any bugs with this version or if you run into any problems, please feel free to contact me. Also, if you enjoy using Postalicious please consider donating.

After this brief update, my blog is most likely going back to being dead. I have a few other projects in mind, one of which is remodeling this site, but I’m not sure when that will be done so you’ll have to stay tuned to hear more about it.

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  1. Thanks Shelly, I’m currently checking out some possible bugs in Postalicious. As soon as I’m done with that I’ll add in your changes and release a new version including your changes.

  2. Is it possible to disable delimiter between Bookmark name and it’s description? (“-“) If no, please make it =) It looks ugly if no comments added…

  3. You can modify the bookmark template in the Postalicious options page to remove it, just change:

    <li><a href="%href%">%title%</a> - %description%</li>


    <li><a href="%href%">%title%</a> %description%</li>

    However there is not (and won’t be) a way to disable it only if the bookmark has an empty description. To add that feature and persevere the highly customizable nature of Postalicious I would need to make the template formatting even more complex. And I already think the template formatting is too complex…

  4. Hi there
    Great plugin, but I think I’ve found a bug.
    I’m trying to make it post 1 post/link at a time, by setting minimum count to 1 and limit to 1.
    But the links gets reposted every hour, which is of course not cool.
    I discovered this when I upgraded to v2.0rc2 but the same error occurs in v2.0rc3 even though your changelog mentions that this error should have been fixed.

    Any ideas on whats wrong? I’ll be happy to provide some more detailed debug data for testing purposes (please email me then).

  5. Postalicious won’t post at all. Period. It’s not about waiting an hour, it just won’t add new bookmarks. I’ve waited three hours and every time I’ve run the update manually it claims “Postalicious was run for the first time. No new bookmarks added.”

  6. Actually, it’s not a typo. It’s a function introduced on PHP5. The next version of Postalicious will include a workaround function to simulate strripos in PHP4.

  7. Any idea what this means:

    Update Failed. Potalicious is already updating at the moment.

    I’m trying to automatically post from delicious. Trying to get it to work but it doesn’t seem to do anything and the log just fills up with the above message.

  8. Sorry for the late reply, but I’ve been quite busy lately. I just released Postalicious 2.0rc5 which should fix the problem you are experiencing. If the problem persists, try deactivating and reactivating Postalicious.

  9. I’ve been having some problems with WordPress 2.5

    Here is the error:

    Warning: array_reverse() [function.array-reverse]: The argument should be an array in /mnt/gs02/herd04/39957/domains/ on line 830

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /mnt/gs02/herd04/39957/domains/ on line 830

    Should we expect an update soon?
    Great plugin!!!

  10. Filip: Did you try Postalicious with previous versions of WordPress? And if you did, did it work? I haven’t really checked if Postalicious is compatible with WordPress 2.5, but that particular issue you mentioned doesn’t seem to me like it could be cause by that. Anyway, I’ll try to update Postalicious as soon as I can (hopefully sometime next weekend).

  11. Hi neop, only tried it on 2.5. ๐Ÿ™
    I tried switching off other plugins but the problem is still there.

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  13. I love the plugin… only issue i have is that i have it set to posting as drafts, every 7 days, but it seems to be creating drafts more frequently than that.

    thanks for the work you’ve put into it!

  14. Hi Lon,
    Which option are you using, “keep at least __ hours between posts” or “Only post once every __ days after…”. Also, how much more frequently has it been posting?

  15. What I’d really like to do is just set a particular time for new posts to be posted each day if there are any new bookmarks, so that if I bookmark a couple of things during the day I know they will appear in the same post.

    So I set it to:

    ‘Only post once every 1 days after 11:00 pm’

    But today it posted at 1 pm. Which is a bit frustrating. Any idea why?

    Great plugin, btw.

  16. I really love Postalicious but was wondering if there was a way to install two separate instances of the plugin. I’d like to pull from both AND Google Reader for shared news items.

    Is this possible?

  17. Andrew and Andy,
    Search the code for a section that starts with // Code to fix encoding in certain PHP installations and uncomment the next three lines (remove the ‘/*’ and ‘*/’ and the beginning and end of the section). This should fix the problem.

    If you’re still reading this and still have the same problem, please let me know. As for the RSS feed, the feed contains all comments and it does work (at least for me). For the moment I have no plans of adding a per-post RSS comments feed (not that any other post actually has comments).

    It is possible to do that but you need to do a few tricks. If you’re interested, please contact me by using the ‘Contact me’ page (linked at the bottom) and I’ll walk you through the steps you need to do.

  18. I am still occasionally having the same problem. Usually, probably about 90% of the time, it posts at 11 pm, but just from time to time it posts early. Quickly browsing through the links posts, I’ve found a couple at 10 pm and a couple at 1 pm. Whether it’s something about those particular times, or just a coincidence, I don’t know.

    Not wanting to go on about it, but there’s a ‘comments rss’ link under this post with this url:

  19. Hi,

    I think Postalicious doesn’t work anymore with Delicious 2.0 that has been released yesterday.

    It’s really a useful plugin. Thanks a lot !

  20. Hello, My Postalicious also seems to have real trouble talking to the newly re-launched Any thoughts on how to make the plugin and delicious best friends again? THanks!

  21. Harry,
    Unfortunately guessing the right time to post is a lot harder than it seems, first of all, PHP only has access to the server time, so from there it has to guess what the appropriate time is using the WordPress time zone settings and PHP time zone settings. But then there’s also daylight saving time to consider so in the worst case, the time might be off by a couple of hours at most. Then, there’s also the fact that the WordPres cron relies on page visitors, so if for example Postalicious is supposed to post at 8pm and there are no visitors until 10pm, then the post will be published at 10pm. From what you tell me, it seems like the posting time is off by a few hours only, so most likely either (or both) of this reasons are the cause.
    Finally, regarding the RSS link, you were right and it has been fixed.

    Kevin, Tama:
    I am aware of this problem, and it’s probably not too hard to fix. I’ll be doing it as soon as I have some free time.

  22. Looking forward to an update, as it does indeed not work with the new

  23. Not to add unnecessarily to the chorus – great plugin and hope it gets fixed soon. If anyone has any ideas on patching it temporarily or alternatives in the meantime, that would be great.

    Delicious has a post service but those go right to publish and not to draft, not as flexible as this. Thanks again for the great work!

  24. The plugin seems to be working for me with the new Delicious with the exception of tags. The tags don’t seem to be coming across.

  25. Postalicious kind of works here. However it does not remove already posted links as of 29th July, so any following posts always contain all links back to this day.

    Tagging is also broken at my site.

    If there is anything further I can do to help fix the problem (Where can I donate?) let me know and thank you for your great plugin and your effort.


  26. I just released a new version of Postalicious which works with the new delicious feeds. There are important changes in this version, so before installing, please read this post.

    You can donate through PayPal by following the link of the right side of this page or the PayPal button at the bottom of the Postalicious page. All donations are greatly appreciated.

  27. Thanks for the fix!

    I have a small feature request. I use the “update now” instead of hourly updates, and I post as drafts.

    After Postalicious reports how many bookmarks it has added to the new post, I need to go to my drafts and edit the post before I publish it.

    I don’t know if it’s possible but I’d love the text that tells me how many bookmarks were added to have some “edit link” for the draft so I can edit the post right from the postalicious page.

  28. Thanks for this great plugin.

    I’m using Postalicious with delicious and WordPress 2.6.

    I’m trying to change the html structure of how bookmark lists are rendered.

    Currently, delicious tags are wrapped in a paragraph and I want to be able to simply force a line break and have tags sit flush under descriptions.

    I’ve controlled the visual look of the paragraph of tags on my blog using CSS, but I’m concerned with how my bookmarks appear in RSS readers. At the moment it’s a little messy with gaps and I like to keep it visually compact for easy scanning.

    Any ideas on this are much appreciated.


  29. ronnie, I’ll look into that the next time I update Postalicious, unfortunately it’s not quite as easy as it seems since the activity log is displayed in a text area and links are not supported inside text areas.

    Postalicious doesn’t add any html of it’s own, all the html produced by Postalicious comes straight from the templates. I suggest checking your templates to see if there are any stray paragraph tags.
    Alternatively, there are some instances in which other plugins intercept the post before it’s posted and attempt to add tags to make your posts nicer by adding certain tags. Unfortunately there’s not much I can do about that since it depends a lot on the specifics of your WordPress installation.

  30. Thanks neop,

    I had a gnawing suspicion that it wasn’t Postalicious, but simply got impatient with searching through the code, prompting my query above.

    Apologies for the false accusation!

  31. Thanks neop. Just to clarify, I’m not talking about the activity log but rather the message postalicious shows in the same area as the manual update button, but after clicking it (similar to when you post/update a regular blog post, there is a little yellow box which allows you to edit/view the post that you just were editing.
    Hope it’s clear, else I can send you a screenshot of what I’m talking about.

  32. Aloha! I’m still having trouble understanding the limiting options. Do I need “Automatic Hourly Updates” activated to get ANY automatic updates, or does turning that on override the limiting options below (x hours, x days) and turn everything into hourly?

    Basically, I want one post a day, maximum, but only if I’ve saved more than three bookmarks. Could you walk me through what needs to be toggled to accompish this? I thought I had it set with (1.) “Automatic Hourly Updates” activated, (2.) minimum three bookmarks, but (3.) setting “Only post every [1] days”. But I got several posts within a day every time I had three bookmarks accumulated.

    Also, I think you have a couple of errors in the documentation page that may confuse people:

    “Publishes posts when they reach the maximum number of posts”: I presume this should read, “Publishes posts when they reach the maximum number of bookmarks”.

    “Only post once every # hours at (time)”: I presume this should read, “Only post once every # days at (time).”

    Mahalo for an excellent plugin!

  33. Any idea why there’s a 15 bookmark limit using delicious? An API thing?


    Minimum number of bookmarks per post: 1
    Limit posts by: No limit


  34. Adam,
    Postalicious uses the delicious rss feed to fetch new bookmarks, and as I recall, the feed only contains the 15 most recent items. However, if you have automatic hourly updates activated, this should only be a problem if you post more than 15 bookmarks in an hour or if your blog does not have at least one visitor every hour. Unfortunately there’s not much I can do to change that.

  35. This plugin is GREAT — just what I needed to keep publishing lists of interesting links. I do have one feature request, however. In the next version, can you set it up so it ALWAYS posts at a user-specified time, no matter how many links are available? I know I SHOULD be able to set this up in preferences, but it simply won’t consistently post at the same time. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  36. Maria,
    In theory, the “Only post once every # hours at (time)” option should work like that. Unfortunately there are a number of technical issues that make it a difficult. To start with, Postalicious can only ask for the web server’s time and do some calculations to go from that time to the user’s time. However many times the settings on the server are not set up properly, or there are some tricky daylight saving settings which Postalicious can’t guess, and therefor Postalicious ends up guessing the wrong time. But even if Postalicious does get the right time, it still works using WordPress’s pseudo-cron which relies on visits to your website to run the cron jobs. Basically what this means is that unless your blog is incredibly popular, there won’t be any visitors at the exact time that Postalicious is due to update, so the update will occur when the next visitor arrives, which is the most likely cause for the inconsistent post times. Unfortunately there’s nothing much I can do to fix that ๐Ÿ™

  37. “Similar to the previous option, but in this case posts will only be published once every certain number of days at the first update after the specified time.”

    Ah, that’s why this wasn’t doing what I thought it did. Is there any way to get Postalicious to post at a fixed time every day, as long as (for example) there’s at least one link in the draft post?

    For whatever reason, that’s what I thought this setting did, but the above indicates it waits until “the first update” to happen at the specific time, rather than just happening at the specified time.

    Reason being, I’d much rather have a way for my links to be posted at the same time every day — so, for example, every day right before midnight all of that day’s links will be posted.

  38. Oh, I’m dumb. The last several comments here are about the same thing. Ignore me, I’m undercaffeinated.

  39. Although, I notice that other plugins give the user the option to use pseudo-cron or real cron if one has access to it. Wouldn’t that be an option here, to allow users to use real cron?

  40. I get a “child pid 14390 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)” when I try to activate hourly updates…any ideas why? Is this a PHP problem?

  41. For some reason Postalicious 2.6 seems to be creating a new draft every hour rather than updating the old draft. This seems to have started in WordPress 2.7.

    Other than the constant clean up (1 new draft per hour is a lot of drafts!), the plug in seems to be working great.

  42. Scott,
    That seems pretty weird, I just tested it in my development version of Postalicious which is also running on WordPress 2.7 and the drafts were being updated fine. Could you please send me an email (using the contact form here) with your WordPress settings and the contents of the “Activity Log” section of the Postalicious settings page?

  43. Having a bit of trouble with Postalicious 2.6 myself. The %description% part of bookmarks get wrapped in broken tags — they miss the brackets around them. So a link ends up looking like this:

    “Senatorโ€™s bill to ban profanity – Boing Boing โ€” pSouth Carolina Senator Robert Ford is attempting to outlaw profanity. Under his bill, the penalty for lewd language would be up to 5 years in person and/or $5000 in fines./p”

    My bookmarks have this format in the settings: “* “%title%”:%href% — %description%”

    It’s Textile formatted, but those broken tags where there with the default format as well.

    I had a quick look at the source code, but I couldn’t see anything at a glance that added tags to the description.

  44. Johan,
    Could you please send me the same information I asked Scott about by using the contact form? I really can’t diagnose that kind of problems without knowing the settings you are using.

  45. Here’s a patch which makes the publish date on a post the current date, not the date of creation. Not sure where else to post this patch, nor if you actually want it. This means the post won’t get buried if it takes several days for postalicious to collect enough bookmarks to most. Great plugin.

    --- wp-postalicious.php 2009-01-20 03:37:04.000000000 -0600
    +++ /var/www/wordpress/plugins/postalicious/wp-postalicious.php 2009-02-04 16:30:34.000000000 -0600
    @@ -1184,7 +1184,7 @@

    // Create array for wp_update_post or wp_insert_post
    - $parray = array('post_title'=>$posttitle, 'post_content'=>$postbody, 'post_content_filtered'=>$postbody, 'post_excerpt'=>$postexcerpt, 'no_filter' => true);
    + $parray = array('post_title'=>$posttitle, 'post_content'=>$postbody, 'post_content_filtered'=>$postbody, 'post_excerpt'=>$postexcerpt, 'no_filter' => true, 'post_date'=>date('Y-m-d H:i:s'));
    if($nd_slugtemplate != '') {
    // Replace dates with default format
    $nd_slugtemplate = str_replace("%datestart%",$datestart,$nd_slugtemplate);

  46. Regarding Tim’s patch. That issue was caused by a bug in WordPress 2.7 which has been fixed in WordPress 2.7.1, although the new version of Postalicious handles posts in a completely new way so even if you are still on WordPress 2.7 this problem should be gone.

    Glad to hear you liked the new version of Postalicious der Dennis, my goal with this version was not only to make the system much more powerful but also a lot more intuitive. I was finally able to get rid of the questions explaining the different publishing behaviors in the FAQ ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Hi – This looks like the kind of tool I have been looking for. I just installed as per your instructions. Added new bookmarks in Delicious but when I hit “Update Now” in Postalicious, it comes back with “No new bookmarks found.” What am I doing wrong?

  48. Hi Bob,
    Could you please send me your delicious username and the contents of the Activity Log in the Postalicious options page using the contact form here.

  49. Hi Nicki,
    Unfortunately no. Postalicious uses the RSS feed provided by Google Reader to get the bookmarks, and the notes are not included in the RSS feed.

  50. sorry i didn’t say it before.

    this is an awesome plugin and its going to save me so much time. i really appreciate you putting it out there.

  51. Hi drew,
    I’m not quite sure if I understand what you are trying to do. But if I understood correctly, here’s how:
    – If you have set the maximum bookmarks per post to 1, then %title% will be replaced with the bookmark’s title in the post link template.
    – If I understood correctly, then what you want to do is to make the post title link to the bookmark instead of it linking to the permalink link of the post in which the bookmark appears. This can be done, but it’s a bit tricky. The idea is that Postalicious provides this information (again, only if the maximum number of bookmarks per post is set to 1) as custom fields for the post. Since the formatting of a post’s title is controlled by the theme, you would need to modify your theme to implement this behavior. Basically, you need to look for the part that reads something like (this is how it looks in the default WordPress template):

    <h2><a href="<?php the_permalink() ? rel="nofollow">" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to <?php the_title_attribute(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h2>

    and replace it with something like:

    $neopdel_post_custom = get_post_custom();
    if($neopdel_post_custom['postalicious_href']) { ?> <h2><a href="<?php echo $neopdel_post_custom['postalicious_href'][0]; ?>" rel="bookmark" title="Link to site"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h2> <?php }
    else { ?> <h2><a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to <?php the_title_attribute(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h2> <?php }

    Note that you need to do this in all templates where you want the link to the bookmark to be used instead of the permalink to the post.

  52. I’ve added my Google Shared Items feed in my Postalicious settings, but it still says “No new bookmarks found.” every time I update. Is there something I’m missing?

  53. Nicki, could you send me the same information I asked Bob a few comments above using this form? (i.e. your google shared items feed url and the contents of the Activity Log in the Postalicious settings page)

  54. @neop

    Thank you so much. This is almost exactly perfect. Sorry for the confusing comment. Let me try and be more clear.

    With the php script that you provided in your comment to me this is how it currently looks:

    Delicious Bookmarks (post title links to bookmark link)
    February 17, 2009 // Drew Stauffer

    Periodic Table of the Operators (actual bookmark and links to website)

    This is a sample bookmark to see if we can get the formatting the way I like it.

    The only thing left I want to try and accomplish is instead of having the heading/title “Delicious Bookmarks”…

    Is it possible to make the bookmark the title?

    So in my example it would look like this:

    Periodic Table of the Operators (post title links to bookmark link)

    February 17, 2009 // Drew Stauffer

    This is a sample bookmark to see if we can get the formatting the way I like it.

    Thanks neop

  55. drew,
    I case you are still having any problems, using %title% in the post title templates should so what you are trying to do.

  56. @ neop

    Thanks, that is what worked.

    I tried doing that before and it would actually post %title% as the post title, but then when I changed that number from 0 to 1 and then changed the title to %title% it worked perfectly.


  57. Dear Pablo,

    I noticed that the Postalicous plugin isn’t following my configuration. I defined in “Post time” to wait at least 160 hours between two postings (to have a weekly link posting). But I noticed that the plugin posted a new posting +/- 26 hours after the previous one.
    Any ideas?

  58. Andre,
    Could you please send me the rest of your Postalicious settings and the contents of the Activity Log using this form.

  59. Hi Pablo,

    Just started using Postalicious on my cinematography and steadicam blog at, and I love it.

    One thing – is it possible to somehow mark a section of the ‘notes’ you make in your Delicious bookmarks to be displayed as a blockquote in the Postalicious post?

    I like to take a short paragraph or sentence from whatever I’m bookmarking to give a taste of it in my Postalicious posts. I usually follow it with some commentary of my own.

    It would be great to be able to get those extracts styled as blockquotes.

    Now, I don’t think Delicious itself allows you to use HTML in the ‘notes’ field, but I was thinking what about an option in Postalicious that detects the use of “quotation marks” and adds an HTML blockquote tag around that section in its WordPress posts?

    It would have to detect the first and last ” quotation marks in the notes field so as to avoid blockquoting out any genuine quotations given as part of the extract, but that seems like a fairly simple bit of code.

    What do you think?

  60. Hi Ed,
    Just add the blockquote tags in delicious notes and add blockquote to the “HTML Tags” field in the Postalicious settings page. Delicious will not interpret the tags, but Postalicious will.

  61. It’s not working. I activated the automatic hourly update, updated it manually, and it keeps on saying “No new bookmarks found.”

  62. Hi Bob,
    Keep in mind Postalicious only adds bookmarks that were added after after Postalicious runs for the first time, any bookmarks that are already in the feed when Postalicious runs for the first time will be ignored.
    The second reason for this problem might be that you’re using WordPress 2.8. I have not done any testing with WordPress 2.8 yet, so I can’t tell whether Postalicious works with WordPress 2.8 or not.

  63. Hi,
    Occasionally my Postalicious posts include links with the text “500 server error”. Those should of course be filtered out.
    Would it be possible for you to fix it so those “links” are excluded?
    I thought I’d take a stab at it myself, but the comments in the code were scanty and I wasn’t sure at which stage the server errors should be removed.

  64. Hi Helen,
    Could you send me an email (using the contact form here with the details of the service and username/url you are using with Postalicious?
    In theory 500 server errors should never get to the link parsing stage.

  65. I really like your plugin. I recently switched hosts and encountered a problem there with the plugin. Postalicious displays %content% instead of the actual content of the post, any idea what this could be?

  66. I did something in the process of updating my Yahoo Pipe. Postalicious is not seeing new content. Is there a way to reset it so that it sees the RSS as new even if it did see it before?

  67. Sorry for the late reply, but I was on vacation and didn’t check for new comments here.

    %content% is not valid, %bookmarks% is probably what you’re looking for.

    Yes, but it’s not quite so simple, if you’re interested, send me an email using this form, and I’ll guide you through it.

  68. Hi Dark Angel,
    To be honest I’m no longer sure what the cause for that problem is. Usually it’s just a server configuration issue, but I’ve been getting a lot of reports of people with this problem lately so I’m starting to think there’s another reason for this. I’ll try to look into it as soon as I get some free time.

  69. I had this problem too but my comment was never approved.
    It’s a real shame because your plugin was an amazing source of new content for my blog. Please try and resolve this issue!

  70. Hi Neop,
    great work, but I think there’s a major problem with wordpress 29.x. After activating the plugin, the Postalicious options page says: “Postalicious needs the SimplePie Core plugin to work, please install this plugin…” etc.

    SimplePie is already in the core of wordpress, so a SimplePie plugin is no needed.

  71. Hi Aldo,
    You are indeed right, and there’s actually a fixed version, but I’ve been having lots of problems with my computer lately and haven’t been able to properly update Postalicious. In the meantime you can download the fixed version here. When have to get everything up and running again in my computer I’ll update the official release to this version and fix the FAQ and installation guides.

  72. Hi Neop,

    I too was having the same error message from Postalicious, โ€œAutomatic hourly updates activation failed. Unable to establish connection. SimplePie said: A feed could not be found at …..”. I thought perhaps there was a problem at I will download your fixed version and see if that corrects the problem.



  73. Hi Neop,
    I just updated to the last official 2.8 version.
    To bypass Delicious blocking, I am using a feed from my FeedBurner.
    When I paste the FB link in Postalicious’ options page, which service I have to select? Or perhaps it’s enough to paste the custom url and select whatever service?

  74. Hi Aldo,
    There’s a bug with version 2.8. Download version 2.8.1 and just paste the FeedBurner URL where you’re delicious username used to be, the service should be set to delicious, otherwise some features such as pulling the bookmark’s tags won’t work.

  75. Hi Neop,
    The new release works well, as expected. ๐Ÿ™‚
    There’s only a thing that doesn’t fit my need. I’d ask you if there’s an easy way of accomplish it.

    My intention is to manually publish a post once a week. But the plugin creates a draft every day. I’d like if it could create a new draft when the post is published by the author (option already included in the plugin) and could continue to add bookmarks in that new draft until I publish the post, without auto-creating a new post every day.

    Is it possible to accomplish it by options page? For example, in the “Post separation” option, I could set “999” as hours between posts. Do you think this be a good solution?

  76. Aldo,
    Send me an email using the contact form here with your Postalicious configuration. In theory, if you’ve got the right settings then Postalicious should not create a new post every day.

  77. Neop, yeaaah! Using a big number as ‘999’ does the trick! ๐Ÿ˜€

    You’re a great helper, man! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  78. Hi Neop,
    Thanks a ton for this and your support. The plugin rocks. I tried accessing the contact site, but my IP is blocked. I am trying to connect pinboard (as an RSS link) but it doesn’t really work (“no new bookmarks” when updating), so I am routing it through feedburner. Since this causes a delay, i can’t push out updates as timely as i would like to. Do you have any suggestions for a workaround? iPatrix seems to have found a way to use pinboard’s RSS directly, but it doesn’t work for me.
    My settings: I tried pipes and delicious as settings with a pinboards RSS feed url.

  79. Aldo,
    I’m glad to hear you got that working as you wanted.

    In fact, Patrick contacted me about using the Pinboard RSS feed, and I suggested just setting up the service as Yahoo Pipes feed. The code that handles Yahoo Pipes feeds is actually quite generic and should provide basic functionality for pretty much any feed. Have you used Postalicious with any other feeds? My guess is that for some reason Postalicious thinks that the last bookmark it posted has a date later than all of the bookmarks in the Pinboard feed, so none of the bookmarks in the feed seem new to Postalicious. As for you’re IP being blocked by the contact site…I didn’t even know how that’s possible. You can also try using this form which I think is less strict.

  80. I am using WP 2.9.1 and Postalicious 2.8.1. Like others, a few weeks ago I started seeing my posts show up as containing only the text “500 Internal Server Error โ€“ 500 Internal Server Error” multiple times. My postalicious links to my delicious account, and I understand from the thread here and the various threads on the delicious support forums that this is an ongoing problem with delicious blocking requests where they can’t tell legit from nefarious.

    I could use the delicious automated blog posting but i) it doesn’t give me the nice title that postalicious allows for and ii) it doesn’t make the delicious tags into WordPress tags. I really prefer postalicious.

    Anyway, I guess that some people have developed a workaround that lets postalicious pull in daily links without this error, but I don’t get what that workaround is. Is there a step-by-step explanation of how to get going again with postalicious?

    Thanks so much!

  81. Steve,
    Using Postalicious 2.8.1 you can now specify a URL for a delicious feed, so all you need to do is use a service such as FeedBurner to access your delicious feed. So instead of just using the URL to your delicious feed, use the URL to the Feedburner feed of your delicious feed.

  82. Hi neop,
    the new 2.8.2 version seems to work well. Now I’m using the Delicious feed directly, instead of FeedBurner’s one, and I am able to grab my feed.

    I’ll keep an eye on it and tell you in case of problems.

    Good job! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  83. Hi Aldo,
    I’m glad to hear that. I somehow remembered that back when I used the delicious API they were very picky about the user-agent that was used to access their pages, so I figured that maybe they had extended that to the RSS feeds. Hopefully it’ll continue to work.

  84. Neop,
    Postalicious doesn’t display the tags of the single bookmark. I am using this template:
    <p class=”bookmark-tags”><a href=”%tagurl%”>%tagname%</a></p>

    What can I do?

  85. Hi Aldo,
    The tags involve two templates, the tag template is the template use for each individual tag, basically this is for you to decide whether you want the tags to link to some site or not. To actually display the tags you need to use %tag% inside the bookmark template. In your case you should probably place:
    <p class=โ€bookmark-tagsโ€>%tag%</p>
    at the end of your bookmark template. And then just use the default tag template which is:
    <a href="%tagurl%" rel="nofollow">%tagname%</a>

  86. I used your suggestion and moved from the delicious feed to a Feedburner I created specifically. I also upgraded the plugin around the same time. Now I’m seeing that posts are being scheduled – but for some reason they aren’t for the right day. This am I saved several items and they appear on the schedule for the next day. My time is 10:02, and they appeared – BEFORE 10:02 today – for 10:02 *tomorrow*. The last time I saved bookmarks they were scheduled for 3 days from the day of posting. I haven’t changed any settings?! Any ideas what is going on? Thanks.

  87. Steve,
    Sometimes Postalicious needs some time to adjust to changes, just give it some time and things should work out.

    You are indeed right, I forgot about that when I made delicious a URL service. I’ll try to fix it as soon as I have some free time.

  88. benwaynet,

    Sorry for the late reply. No, don’t upgrade. There’s no real advantage and as Aldo noted above there’s a bug in the new version which was not present in older version and that I still haven’t had time to fix.

  89. Hello Neop!

    Fantastic plugin for WordPress… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I have a problem to integrate Adsense in template postalicious.

    When i press “Update now” the plugin run very well… i can see the template correctly.

    BUT when i schedule the post… i can’t see the code adsense.

    The code disappears in the post generated.

    I’m forgetting something? Any ideas on this?

    Have a nice day and thxs for your time!!

  90. Just FYI, things did settle down (see earlier post), but I made a number of changes the other day, and even though my settings still indicate that posts should be 24 hours apart, etc. the last two times that Postalicious has scheduled upcoming entries, they have been for 3 to 5 days from that day, rather than at 10:02 pm the same day. Not sure if this is the same “it will settle down eventually” syndrome (which as a user is utterly confounding) but I wanted to pass this along and I will keep watching it. Thanks! LOVE this plugin.

  91. Yapci: The reason for that is that sometimes (as far as I’ve been able to tell when it’s when Postalicious autoupdates) WordPress decided to run the posts Postalicious sends through it’s usual filters which happen to strip several tags (and sometimes also add some paragraph tags) Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a workaround for this. Sorry.

    Steve: I’m not sure what might be going wrong there, I’d have to check out the logs to try to see if I can figure it out.

  92. Hi Fabian,
    Fortunately the rumors have been cleared and it turns out delicious is not shutting down. However I am looking into adding Pinboard support to Postalicious.

  93. Pablo,
    thank you very much for the all new, all great Pinboard-integration. Works like a charm, includes the tags and gets rid of the damn 500 errors of postalicous.

    Have a great 2011 and thank you, once again, for your great work!

  94. I regret that, despite repeated efforts, I am unable to get Postlicious to support Pinboard. As one of the many people switching to Pinboard from Delicious (or, in my case, trying to), I’m new to Postalicious, and installed it just for Pinboard. With what seems like a pretty unexciting installation, I’ve specified my Pinboard RSS feed (and tested it via cURL). With every attempted update, Postalicious reports “No new bookmarks found.” I’ve tried created new bookmarks on Pinboard, of course, but that doesn’t make any difference.

    Just thought you should know!

  95. Interestingly, I neglected to disable Postalicious’s hourly updates, and at 9:00 PM, it posted one of my test Pinboard links. So it appears that posting on demand is the problem, not posting on schedule. Which I can live with. ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. Hi Waldo,
    The Pinboard feed is probably being cached by WordPress. In theory this should not happen, but I’ll look into it.

  97. Pingback: Bookmarks for April 1st from 22:10 to 22:10 « fuenfneun ist rotgruenblind

  98. Just a note to say that we love Postalicious when it works, which is about 90% of the time. The missing 10% seems to be when bookmarks are added but Postalicious doesn’t see them. The logs say “no new bookmarks found” – not “found a bookmark but it didn’t meet the filtering criteria.” I’m looking at the feed of bookmarks in Google Reader and I see they are there. I can see them in delicious. But Postalicious won’t find them all. I can’t find any pattern for the hiccups; sometimes deleting and reposting in delicious works – but not always. Any way I can diagnose this with a little more detail?

  99. Hi Steve,
    Sorry for the late reply, I’m glad to see that you were able to figure out what was wrong by yourself. Hopefully the team at delicious have fixed this issue by now.

  100. It does not work for WordPress 3.2.x and Delicious!
    How to resolve this problem!?

    Unable to establish connection. SimplePie said: cURL error 6: Couldn’t resolve host ‘attefall’Unable to establish connection. SimplePie said: cURL error 6: Couldn’t resolve host ‘attefall’

  101. Glad it’s not just me having this problem. Have the same issue as Magnus above – “SimplePie said: cURL error 6: Couldnโ€™t resolve host”.
    All was working fine until about 3 or 4 months ago, and it’s never worked since. Not sure what changed around that time though.
    Suggestions gratefully received…

  102. Further to my previous post, I’ve read elsewhere that this could be a DNS issue, but I’ve also tried using the amazonaws IP address for instead but I still get the same error. So DNS is not the issue

  103. I had this problem that’s reported by Magnus and Neil. It turned out what had happened is I’d entered my Pinboard username in my user page on WordPress, where there’s now an option for it. This was overriding the url I put on the main setup page and was returning the cURL error. When I removed it from the user page, it all worked again. I’m not totally clear on how that username function is meant to work, but I hope this helps someone.

  104. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible for Postalicious to post using one of the ‘custom post types’ which are now included with WP. For example the now standard twenty eleven theme supports the ‘Link’ template for posts. It would be great if we could post with those templates instead of the ‘normal’ post. An option to pick the post type would do the trick.

    I tried changing the ‘standard post type’ in WP Settings, but Postalicious keeps posting with a regular post, even if ‘Link’ is the new standard post type for WP. Of course I can still go to the Postalicious-made draft and switch its template to ‘Link, but that involves hand work ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. Hi Nicola,
    Unfortunately no. To be honest, I haven’t had any time to update Postalicious to take advantage of any of the new features in WordPress. Sorry about that.

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