Galves Adventure Walkthrough

Lots of people are reaching my site searching for a Galves Adventure walkthrough, so I decided to once again please the masses. I broke it down in steps so that you can view the walkthrough step by step without accidently reading more than you want.

  1. ShowClick the barrel, then click on the elephant, and before the barrel comes down, click on the baby. He will crawl underneath the barrel.
  2. ShowClick on the baby again and watch how the spider puts him in its web.
  3. ShowClick on the mole to make him drop the rock with the foot to the second level and open a tunnel to the other side.
  4. ShowClick on the first and third doors in the second level to open them.
  5. ShowClick on the elephant so that he picks up the barrel. Wait for it to come down again, and click on the elephant again. This time the barrel will break the ground below.
  6. ShowThis step is a bit tricky. Click on the grey box that was just revealed after the barrel broke. A cloud wil form and it will start going around the screen. Notice that there are two other grey boxes that will make clouds, one of them is close right next to the mole, and the other one is behind the right branch of the tree where the spider-web is (you won’t be able to see this one unless you click on the bear so that he moves the branch to reveal it). The objective is to click on this grey boxes at the right time, so that all of the three clouds merge into one. When the cloud is on top of the round stone in the center-top of the screen, click on the grey box nearby. And when the cloud is on top of the word ‘The’, click on the grey box behind the branch. You should end up with a grey cloud.
  7. ShowWhen the cloud is on top of the lion click on it and the lion’s life will drop to 35.
  8. ShowWhen the cloud is on top of the cork (the one right next to the sun) click on the cloud again. This will fill the level with plants.
  9. ShowClick on the bear so that he grabs an apple from the right tree, sending the baby flying over to the left side.
  10. ShowClick on the remaining apple on the right tree so that the spider will grab it.
  11. ShowClick on the bear again. He will get the apple from the left tree and send the apple in the spider’s web to the right side.
  12. ShowClick on the crab three times. First it will get out of its hole, then it will climb the vine, and finally it will cut the web that the baby is wrapped around. The baby will go through the door to the other side and grab the apple.
  13. ShowClick on the baby so that he raises the apple and then click on the monkey above. The monkey will grab the baby and then throw him to the upper level.
  14. ShowClick on the baby, he will try to open the chest but he will fail. However his pacifier will start glowing, click on the pacifier and the baby will open the chest. Congratulations, you just got the golden diaper.
  15. ShowClick on the mole again, and then click on the baby. The baby will start walking through the tunnel to the other side. When the baby is on top of the mole, quickly click on the mole. The mole will bring the baby to the top level where he will grab the stone with the hand on it.
  16. ShowClick on the mole to make him go back down and then click on the baby so that he goes down the hole again. This time he will go to the other side to get on top of the elephant.
  17. ShowClick on the elephant and he’ll throw water to create a rainbow. Quickly click on the baby so that he crawls through the rainbow.
  18. ShowNow you need to click on the three icons below the red rock in the right order. If you mess up, just click on the red rock and it will reset. The correct order is in the next step.
  19. ShowThe correct order is: hand, lips, foot.
  20. ShowClick on the dragon. He will start flying and will eventually get below the baby. While it’s there click on the baby so that he rides the dragon.
  21. ShowA fairy will appear and you have to choose between a yellow stone and a purple stone. Chose the yellow one.
  22. That’s all!

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