Postalicious Now Works with

As several of you noted, Postalicious stopped working with the recent update. The new Postalicious 2.0rc6 which now works with delicious 2.0. That’s the good news. The bad news is that, unlike with the old, to get tags to work you need install the custom rss.php file. To read more about the custom rss.php file please read the corresponding section in the Postalicious page or readme file. IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading Postalicious please make sure you also install the rss.php file or that you manually disable tags in the Postalicious options page. Otherwise some weird stuff may happen. Also note that the first couple of updates after you install this new version may not work perfectly but there should be no further problems after that. Finally, Postalicious is the result of many hours of hard work, if you enjoy using it, please consider donating. You can do so though PayPal by following the links at the right side of this page or at the bottom of the Postalicious page. You can download (and hopefully donate) Postalicious here.